We put a first layer of sealer on all the countertops that we manufacture at our fabrication facility, our installation crew will add another coat of sealer to the countertop after they install the tops. (It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain sealing the countertops after they are installed). We recommend limestone, marble, quartzites and lighter granite colors to be sealed once every six months, darker granite colors once a year. Soapstone does not need to be sealed simply apply mineral oil as often as desired.

Natural stones may be cleaned with stone cleaner or a mild dish soap, make sure it is non-acidic and ammonia free.

NOTE: Lemon-based and orange-based cleaners are acidic, do not use them. Never use an abrasive cleaner!

Natural stones can stain if spills and left unattended for a period of time. Some of the items that can cause staining are oils, wine, fruit juices & other acidic products. Spills should be cleaned up quickly with mild detergent and water.